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AAWISDOM, based in Buffalo, New York, USA, is an Information Technology company, and Academic Services business. Services are offered locally and worldwide long-distant means.


Science and Engineering Services has complete computer services, IT support, programming, web development, software engineering, smart phones, and app development services. IT consultation, IT audit, TLS (SSL), infrastructure build, testing/development environment build, software testing, analysis, networking, database server build, application server build, email server build, gaming PCs, high-level customized PC machines and servers build, trouble shoot, backup, cloning, virtualizing, upgrade, fixing, maintenance, and any challenging uncommon engineering tasks tackled here.

Many IT companies and businesses are behind non-educated, or non-technical displined college graduate person(s) running a fake show. They make false impressions on their website by letting the visitor run wild with imaginations but not describing anything tangible at all. Real educated professional engineer is no where to talk to, but a call taker or lying business person. They only try to recruit real engineers or capable technicians after they seal business terms. Indeed job search website is filled with fake company ads in my IT field. What is a true value of a company or a business, especially one that matters for clients? To be able to communicate directly with a real skillful, knowledgable, and educated person(s). Any challenging uncommon engineering tasks tackled here. Note that fake companies' websites do not specify their engineer(s)' specific academic backgrounds, specific skills and experiences, and specific services they offered on firm foundation. They have none! I have been around long enough to know how lying unqualified, unskilled, uneducated people operate in business world.

Christopher McGrath is a real educated professional with Science and Engineering disciplines. He understands all works and has abilities to do them by himself. Time-sensitive works may be approached with additional recruitments, which was done in the past. However, because I know all the works, I can find someone efficiently and outline the works step-by-step for that worthy person that even babies can do those complex IT tasks under my directions. Yes, Christopher McGrath is so good at teaching; he could teach little babies to be IT engineers and programmers for fun. Academic Services has tutoring for mathematics, physics, chemistry, all K-12 subjects, above subjects in IT, programming, engineering, and science for students of various ages. If anyone is willing to learn, Christopher the tutor will teach.




5/18/2018: domain is moved to Domains may be seperated back, but this won't happen in near future. There are development projects going on to deploy associated domains Arts of Ancient Wisdom owns.


Date to be Announced: AAWISDOM ecommerce market coming soon for bargain wholesale prices for resellers, as well as retail buyers.


Contact Christopher McGrath for web development, software engineering, programming, IT engineering works, or tutoring.

Phone: 716 240 7786. Email:



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