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Information Technology Services

from AAWISDOM in near Greensboro, NC areas, but AAWISDOM works with clients nationwide in the US states. Retain Christopher McGrath or AAWISDOM staff for complete computer services. AAWISDOM uses remote IT support tools to provide services regardless of locations. Modern technolgy enables us to achieve our goals efficiently anywhere.

Master of Science, Computer Science, May 2004
SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica, NY
GPA. 3.1, Dean's List

Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics, May 2002
SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica, NY
GPA. 3.50, President's List and Dean's List

Academic Distinctions and Professional Achievements:
PATHWAY National Science Foundation Scholarship winner among one of the four scholars (of 2002-2003 academic years) at SUNY Polytech;
Elite professional scholar in NYS Research Foundation (2000-2006) for various research projects and software developments.

IT Engineering Services:

Retain Christopher McGrath or AAWISDOM staff to build Information Technology Infrastructure, or maintain existing ones. Below are categorized packages for popular services. For other unconventional ideas or service not described below, please contact.

Total Freedom Computing (TFC) Server Infrastructure

, counter server service to "cloud computing". $2700+: 1.5months.
Please read the full description via Total-Freedom-Computing-(TFC)-Infrastructure-v4.pdf. This is a valuable service for those who have been looking to get away from rip-off "cloud computing". Whether professional staging development, or production hosting infrastructures for websites, multiple websites with many whole domains or subdomains, dynamic interactive websites, ecommerce websites, web-base software, mobile apps, or anything anyone would need in todays' software development world, this service is for you.

Apache Http Server with TLS Certs

for a domain and several sub-domains. $500: 30hrs.
Despite years of Apache Server's Existence and popularity, only a few people can configure for professional standards, such as virtual hosting, proxy forward, TLS configurations, and port configurations. If you stage your development project on multiple rented services, you will waste tremendous amount of money. If you use XAMPP/LAMPP, you won't have live testing capabilities, won't be able to upgrade or alter sub packages within it when you need to, and your development environment will be insecure. There might be a capable person who could do this in your company or business, but this takes time, so I can help.

Apache Http Server with MariaDB or MySQL Database and TLS (SSL)

included for domain of choice and several sub-domains. $900: 70 hrs.

Convert MS Access to MariaDB

, "MS Access Database" will continue to bring you many disasters if your business is still using it. $900: 70 hrs.
Please read the full description via MS-Access-database-conversion-to-MariaDB.pdf.

Apache Front (Proxy) + Tomcat J2EE Server

or Plain Tomcat Server with TLSs certificates included for domain of choice and several sub-domains. $900: 7-10 days.
Many professional engineers like to keep the Tomcat server behind the Apache. Whenever, there is a Tomcat server for J2EE applications, there is always Apache Http server involved too. Don't pay RedHat company tremendous amount of money and a subscription fee to maintain for so-called JBoss Server. This package is exactly like how Jboss server is setup. Again, this is not a common knowledge.

Apache Http Front (Proxy)+ Glassfish J2EE Server

or plain Glassfish J2EE server with TLS Certs. $900: 70hrs.

Add PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, and CGI programming capabilities to Apache Http Server.

$300: 2 days.

IIS Http Server with TLS Certs

for a domain and several sub-domains. $500: 30hrs.

Email Server for Professional Business

with choice domain. $500: 30hrs.
All modern businesses should have locally own email server with mail blasting capabilities. If your business is using 3rd party services for email subscription, mass emailing, database management for subscribers, and so on, you are wasting tremendous amount of money everyday or every time you want to send out mails. Mail-chimp, Salesforce, and other CMS services are very expensive. Invest in your own email server. CMS- Content Management System build service is offered as software engineering service.

Turn Physical Machines to Virtualized Machines:

$300--$3000: 24hrs--250hrs.
Depending on the operating system of your physical machines, and complexity of the software installed on it, the labor hours and price range vary on this service. This service is not offered as package but by hourly rate. Many businesses and corporations still use and have to depend on old operation systems like Windows XP, Windows Server 2000, and so on. With modern technology, those old machines can be turned into virtual machines and run from one powerful hardware machine. In addition, in the world of software engineering and software development, there is a constant need for virtual machines at disposal. There is a tremendous time consuming task to build an IT Infrastructure Environment to stage a development project. This finished IT Infrastructure Environment can be cloned and distributed to other software engineers who will be involved in the project. When the time comes for testing, the physical machines (workstations and servers) that will be involved can be setup as virtualized machines-saving all the troubles to reconstruct new environments when something goes wrong. Virtual machines can be cloned to many multiple machines.

Clone Physical Machines to Multiple Physical Machines:

This service is similar to the service above, except new machines will be new physical machines. Professional servers have RAID hard drives that need reconstruction to a single HDD and other uncommon IT engineering tasks in order to be cloned sucessfully. Again, this service is not offered as package but by hourly rate. $300--$3000: 24hrs--250hrs depending on situation.

System Backup/Recovery Services:

Two service classes here: Casual Backup Systems, and Vigorous Backup Systems. Casual System Class has non-dynamic database server, synchronizing selective drives or folders in a system via automation (or non-automation manual backup service), and only single backward-time recovery system in force. Vigorous Backup Systems will have several backward-time recovery options, fitting for time sensitive busy dynamic systems, whether dynamic database servers, application servers, web-servers, and others.
Many businesses believe they have functional backup systems or plans. All clients I worked with or businesses I worked for didn't have real backup systems and were in desperate situations when a disaster happened. I made temporary solutions to remedy their disasters, provided permanent solutions in monitoring their rebuild projects. Most software or IT solution companies out there lie to their business or corporate customers. If you need someone with real knowledge and skills to tell you the truths, talk to me. Allow me to audit your IT system, I will tell you the truths. Back to content.

Software Engineering/ Software Development Services:

Programmer for PHP, Java, C++, C, VB.NET, VB 6, C#, Python, Ruby, Perl, XML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript,


Web Service Protocols Programmer(XML-RPC, SOAP, REST, etc)



(other Functional Programming Languages) and more…

AAW programmer to hire can program in any language.

Be aware of the existence of many framework solutions built with combination of core languages mentioned above, such as PHP frameworks, JavaScript frameworks, Java frameworks, CSS frameworks, C++ frameworks, and so on. Many frameworks have some strength but many weaknesses too. Many frameworks are like hay fires that quickly burned and disappeared. Framework means core tools (codes of libraries and programs) used in your software solution isn't yours but located somelwhere in the world. Think about the danger of this implication. Many professionally staged development projects tragically doomed from picking wrong frameworks by wrong people. All projects must start with the old standards called Software Development Life Cycle plan with adaptabilities for ever changing future. All truly educated people in the field of IT would be aware of this. Owners of multi-million dollar projects tragically wasted all their money because of one incompetent deceitful person successfully convinced upper management or the owners. Don't get stuck with dead-end languages, infrastructures, and liars. Talk to AAWISDOM programmer to hear the truths.

As mentioned above, I can program in any language, but I will mentioned the particular languages and my personal usage in applications for them. My software engineering experiences are classified into two: Academic Activities, and Business-world Activities. I constantly used MATLAB, C, C++, and Java languages for high-level academic related activities in college. For business-world, I was involved in large software development project coding in C; then using Perl, C, and JavaScript, I was involved in a project similar to that of modern day search-engine web crawling; I used Java for scientific related simulation programs, wrote many applets when J2EE applications were not popular then; and banking or business-world related applications. All these projects involved dealing with databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, and so on. I also coded for other banking, or health industry related applications using VB.NET, C#, and ASP.NET applications. When PHP became popular, I got involved coding for e-commerce solution web sites, web-based software application solutions for business needs like email marketing, content management, data structures, data transfer applications, AKA Web Services. I coded XML-RPC, SOAP, REST, and other web service protocols in PHP, and Java, but can also code in other popular languages like Python, Ruby, and Perl for these same concepts. Software engineering activities in business world are more involved in software testing, altering, and maintaining than someone spending most of his career coding for one big application. I was involved in these activities dealing with very large VB 6, VB.NET, C, C++, and Java programs testing many blocks of codes and changing them.

Click here to see Christopher McGrath resume here. To understand more about the meaning of software engineering, my background foundations and capabilities, you may read these optional articles: How-My-Computer-Scholar-Career-Started.docx, and Mathematicians-the-True-Software-Engineers-and-Scientists.docx. Back to content.

Web Development Services:

PHP programmer, CSS3 developer, HTML5 developer, JavaScript developer, Python programmer, Perl programmer, CGI programmer, Ruby programmer, J2EE application developer, VB.NET programmer, ASPX programmer, C# developer, Visual Studio developer

complex dynamic E-commerce websites programmed and developed at AAWISDOM,

Dynamic Websites, program and develop

custom site search engine with unique AAW-owned codes

(not bloated JavaScript packs),

software engineer for VOIP

solution applications, and web services.
For other programming languages and concepts not described here, please contact and discuss. Website starting at low price $700: 80hrs.

Fake web developers who merely understand shallow HTML deploy ready-made framework packages in CSS, and JavaScript. Starting at HTML 5 and CSS 3, even the concepts in HMTL and CSS need deeper thinking, so fake web developers dropped out, but they came back thanks to the frameworks, and X-Nuke packages. Fake web developers do not understand code logics, and cannot read codes, alter existing codes, or create custom solutions. They can merely play from admin control panel with packages like wordpress, PHP Nuke, .Net Nuke, Bootstrap, React, and many other dangerous frameworks.

Configure C-Name Records/ DNS Configurations

help available at AAWISDOM.

Retain AAW staff to configure dynamic IP or static IP DNS settings for small business email server, database server, http server, application server, cloud server, or web hosting

purposes. These configurations and techniques vary with your domain name registered company, but the concepts are all similar. AAWISDOM recommends NameCheap company. If your domain name is at namecheap, firm service fee to set up your DNS settings priced at $240: 2days project. For other hosting companies, extra time may be needed. Back to content.

IT Support Services:

Tasks in IT support are offered in hourly based prices with prepaid appointments. The following are some popular IT support services:

IT Audit Services:

Network Security:

service at AAWISDOM will, for example, analyze your gateway for misconfigured ports, denial of service attacks, and services at your local and remote network computers, informing clients about necessary creating and testing backup plans and procedures. Christopher McGrath usually found ways to attack unchallenged, unaudited systems when tried seriously enough. If you need a secure network, retain AAW staff to audit to show you security holes.

Fix TLS Grade Below A at SSLLABS Test:

Test your site or anyone’s site at If results aren’t in grade A, there are security issues with TLS at that server. Retain me to fix it. TLS 1.2 is not optional anymore these days. Paypal and all other payment processors require it. Read more about it here.

Fix Sniffing, DoS, DDoS Attacks:

Visit any web site URL with “” Just replace with real URL. If anything comes up, like a home page or anything, then that website security is bad. The server is wide open to Sniffing Attacks. Retain me to fix sniffing and other relating attacks. Read more about it here.

Software Security and Testing:

If I can break your software, attack your systems, and show you clear ways in the flaws and weaknesses, your million-dollar software or a system is nothing but a joke… I have proven this for multi-million dollar businesses. Software testing isn't just testing codes as a developer in backend or as a user in frontend, but also involved evaluation for professional standards. Is your software coded in bloated way? Is it compliant with development life cycle standards? Is it compliant with standards for data inputs from users and security standards for various attacks?

Project Planning Service:

To avoid disasters and wasting money with your serious software development project or website at late stages, make appointments with me to be your IT counsel or IT consultant. You won't regret it like other businesses and companies who found me late in their problem stages. Back to content.

Complete Computer Services:

Software Engineer, IT Engineer, Programmer, System Administrator, Network Admin, Web Developer, Database Administrator,


IT Support Technician roles,

whatever is required, complete computer services available here by real educated professional with years of real-world industry experiences. Distinguishing those roles above in companies or businesses mean incompetence, corruption, or waste. There was a joke saying of the past in IT world, "software person doesn't talk to hardware." Software Engineer not knowing where CPU or RAM is located at PC or how to back up a hard drive is a time of the past. When you retain me, I have complete knowledge and solutions for all your needs in the field of Information Technology. No need to go to anyone else. I offer very important services and developed great websites and applications for many businesses, individuals, families, organizations, large corporations, and banks in WNY area.

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I live by two simple rules:

Hourly rate: $25--$30/hr. Special per assignment, per day, and long term rates available.

IT and Computer Services Worldwide
Contact: Christopher McGrath, Phone: 716 240 7786, Email: or Back to content.