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AAWKnight Foundation

shall be a thriving place for knights, and scholars with truthful values.

AAWKnight Foundation's Mission

is to unite

Academics ⇔ Business World ⇔ and the Church.

Lies and evil thrive in the dark shadows among three separate essential entities of life. Uniting them will bring the truths and light.

Behold the flag of the fallen knights of Friday 13, Oct 1307, now a resurreted flag of AAWKnights, honor to spirit of Grand Master Sir Jacques de Molay and all others.

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Definition of Knight:

AAWKnights shall be real combat-ready highly skilled martial artists unlike many “Knights of Columbus” in the USA. All of them I met are poorly educated unhealthy incapable old men who were never martial artists (or fighters) in their lives. Who made them knights? Anyone who pays $350 annual membership fee is accepted into the knighthood and they receive regular “degrees” of promotions. Only time they are visible to public eyes are when they march down the parish aisle on some occasion--insults to truths. They are hiding and unreachable. A knight shall live by truths only. A scholar can be a knight in different form, but the clear separate definition should classify them one day... An AAWKnight shall always be ascending in martial arts, and never rest working for the good of the truths for the people through the AAWKnight Foundation. When a project is finished, a new one will begin. Make people’s lives possible with truths. Union of truthful people shall be based on truths, such as skills, educations, talents, endeavors, values, and qualities-- not on race, lowest common denominators, and vices. Truths shall be always public, challenge and be challenged.

AAWKnight Foundation:

website is launched on Feb 14, 2022 to facilitate the "Letwhayte System Secrets" project and move forward from that point.


the domain URL is assigned (redirected) to AAWKnight Foundation. However, in the browser's url, it still exists as subentity to AAW.link.

Contact Christopher McGrath for more info about AAWKnights Foundation to involve, or to contribute as public benefactor to be listed on this site or current project.
Phone: 716 240 7786;
Email: mcgrath_ch@hotmail.com.

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