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AAWKnight Foundation

shall be a thriving place for knights, and scholars with truthful values.

AAWKnight Foundation's Mission

is to unite

Academics ⇔ Business World ⇔ and the Church.

Lies and evil thrive in the dark shadows among three separate essential entities of life. Uniting them will bring the truths and light.

Behold the flag of the fallen knights of Friday 13, Oct 1307, now a resurreted flag of AAWKnights, honor to spirit of Grand Master Sir Jacques de Molay and all others.

Templar Flag

Products, things, and everything else available at AAWKnight Foundation will be described here. Frist Project in development stage is first free product from AAWKF.

Myanmar Traditional Boxing, vol. 3 "Letwhayte System Secrets"

- click to go to Myanmar Traditional Boxing, vol. 3 "Letwhayte System Secrets" project page.