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are the library of articles in science and engineering publications, newsworthy information, personal research discoveries, and truthful facts in various fields of life. Christopher McGrath, the contributor for most of these products, will not publish them elsewhere anymore, but all in here. Anyone who wants to publish his or her article here, please email me. Your article must be in the subjects of science, mathematics, engineering, technology, and computers. You must identify yourself with full name, picture, email address, and phone number on your article.

Warren-Buffet-Berkshire-Hathaway Classic Technique in Stock Trades

What in the world is Web 3?

Cryptocurrency Services

AAWISDOM offers expertise for complete cryptocurrency services.

Binance (BNB) vs. Solana (SOL) vs. Avalanche (AVAX)


Cloud Computing Services Alternative-

own your server here.

“Fix Sniffing Attack/ Website and Server Security”

Visit any web site URL with “” Just replace with real URL. If anything comes up, like a home page or anything, then that website security is bad.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques

Making Website Mobile Friendly

Apache HTTP Server Sniffing Problem Resolved

Clone Backup or Virtualized


Fix-TLS 1.2-Issues-at-Apache-Server.pdf

VM Box Fix: Instruction-at-0x00007FFBF2D1D1AD-Referenced-Memory-at.pdf


SSI (Server Side Include)-vs.-PHP-Include.pdf

Upgrade to TLS1.3-and-Free-Wildcard-Multidomain-TLS-Service.pdf



Intel (CPUs)-shall-not-suffer-from-liars.pdf







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