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(TFC) engineering services, counter service to Cloud Computing, for ecommerce websites or custom web-based software applications.

Introducing AAWISDOM TFC Server IT Infrastructure

(for ecommerce or any web-based professional software development) now offer Total Freedom Computing (TFC) engineering services, counter service to Cloud Computing. TFC IT Infrastructure can be applied for ecommerce websites, which comes default with the service, or custom web-based software applications. This product is for people who want their own ecommerce business/website, mobile apps, or web-based software run on their own servers, instead of some ambiguous, insecure, expensive cloud servers or ridiculous term “cloud computing”. Many businesses have their existing software application or staging apps, or planning apps floating in the air… Buying physical servers from retail or any manufacturer does not come with essential software servers within and configurations that make the machine deployable for real-world production needs. TFC engineering services will build those software servers for you, running with ecommerce website by default, or other custom applications of your choice.

Affordable TFC Server Prices

Here are the strength, visions, and goals of AAWISDOM IT Solution. After many years of experience, is the only place on the internet that provide complete realistic solution with unbelievably low price to run ecommerce businesses like never before existed anywhere. With this well-organized, calculated, and carefully planned solution, AAW Company can offer total package to be at minimal only $3250 and maximum $4700. Explanation for cost:

$2700 (IT/Software engineering labor) + $500 (computer machine) + $50 (local travel) = $3250
$2700 (IT/Software engineering labor) + $1000 (computer machine) + $1000 (travel ) = $4700.

Completion time could be about 1.5 months maximum.

Payment can be in installment plans for project, such as machine and labor costs to go in weekly payment plans (Please contact for details). Schedule 2hrs online IT consultation session to discuss in details to ask any questions and find out what you need in IT infrastructure for this product. This service product is designed to make as affordable as possible for even the small size businesses. When you have your own Total Freedom Computing server(s), you can even resell hosting services, or cloud computing services to others. TFC servers have capabilities to run many websites/domain names from single physical machine or group of machines. Back to content.

Basic IT Requirements

Physical Windows 10 desktop machine (by default) or a server is needed for these engineering services to build on. This machine can be your existing reasonably powerful PC or latest one could be purchased with price range $500--$1000. Broadband Internet Service is needed, but nowadays, most people already have residential or business fast internet service already subscribed with broadband companies. If your Internet Service Provider (ISP) mail ports are not blocked and it has minimal 2 Mbps upload and download speeds, your dream to own and run real ecommerce business with AAWISDOM TFC Server is possible. Most ISPs nowadays give minimal 10Mbps upload and download for residential services and 30Mbps for business services anyway. I can work on all the engineering services described via remotely and independently. Some initial in-person meeting to set up router and the computer may be needed, so let’s add traveling costs. This set up will not take longer than 8 hrs. Travel costs, $50--$1000, will vary depending on your location in the USA. AAW engineer or I will travel anywhere in USA when costs are covered. Note in-person meeting and traveling need may not be required if some conditions are met in basic IT infrastructure and network accessibility.

This ecommerce solution, carefully engineered and marketed, is affordable for small businesses or anyone. No one needs to buy expensive $15,000 server machines, hire two or three software engineers with minimum $50,000/ year salaries each, and wait about 2 years to get results. Those are old inefficient ways. Large corporations think only they can afford to build and run dynamic ecommerce websites with large investment money—not anymore! I have been in those projects to build ecommerce websites. I despise dealing with them… Now I carefully package my years of software/IT engineering knowledge and skills to be able to sell AAWISDOM TFC Server ecommerce solution affordably for anyone. There will be no financial reason for intelligent people to be working as call taker, clerks, or low-level positions within those corporations all because those corps have is a website and infrastructures they don’t have. They control trade and they control you, but AAWISDOM TFC Server will free you. Back to content.

AAWISDOM ECommerce Package Components

AAW ECommerce website uses open source Oscommerce. Christopher McGrath, AAW Software Engineer, is expert at oscommerce. AAWISDOM eCommerce Product will replace all the shortcomings of the other current ecommerce products, share hosts, and so-called cloud computing. The buyers will own what they buy and will have complete freedom to do what they please with it; this is why it is called Total Freedom Computing (TFC). All others like Zencart, Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce, or anything else are wasteful. Incidentally, Zencart and Magento came from original Oscommerce PHP codes. Whatever your flavor preference in deploying eCommerce business is, Christopher is an expert at web development, ecommerce, and whole IT/software engineering field. Ecommerce websites require more complex tech tools and capabilities unlike static websites. Share hosting does not cover everything, but all troubles and hidden costs explode beyond affordable in the end. Here are some end-user samples for oscommerce ecommerce stores/sites. (mobile friendly version sample running from TFC Server) (old version still running from TFC Server) (other oscommerce sites in the world)

The admin access/taks, and other technical information on the oscommerce will be available with online presentation upon requests. Oscommerce documentations and other resources are beyond the scope here, but they are not necessary for you as client to know for all will be set up for you. Back to content.

Shortcomings, Problems, Weaknesses in Existing Known Products

Selling within others platforms like eBay, Amazon, and others really means not owning your business. For the long terms growth, wise business owners should be investing their money in steering away from being controlled and bullied by those giant corporations. This AAWISDOM TFC Product makes possible to have numerous independent etail websites. Do not let your ecommerce business be a slave to those giant companies that bully, dictate, and steal profits regularly. Ebay accounts are in constant dangers of being suspended. Ebay bullies sellers many times annually to adapt to new policy changes. Sellers would have to spend weeks making changes in all listings. Sellers with more than 500 items listed will have to spend more times making changes. Ebay site will never stop dictating their whims that come out of their chaotic blubbering board meetings by major shareholders and company officials who probably never sold an item online in their lives. EBay site often have technical problems and downtimes that make buyers not find your items. As major ex-seller at eBay (eBay id artsofancientwisdom), we knew site has at least 2 days per month of technical issues that make you lose sales for those days. They never mention these or compensate for these kinds of issues. Current eBay policies are favoring to accept dishonest buyers that is only about 2% in buyer population. However, 2% dishonest buyers can cause major damages to your feedback and unhappiness and strains in your business and great losses in profits. Many good buyers do not leave good feedbacks, but bad buyers take their times to leave bad feedback to ruin your reputation and ratings. Does eBay take time to fix this issue by giving auto good feedback to help you with rating improvement? They are too stupid and greedy to think in just ways. They expect sellers to have hard feelings, hard times, and take losses. Ebay has very crude customer service supporters. Ebay fees include listing fees + transaction fee + PayPal fee obviously. However, hidden fees like taking losses from dishonest buyers, spending times to comply with eBay’s bully policies, and losses from eBay downtimes and technical issues add to tremendous costs. Note: eBay site may be up at home page always, but all its functionalities are down at night times, such as seller’s items visibilities, and other technical issues are constant problems. Ebay is limping through many fake accounts in both sellers and buyers but it would all come to end soon.

Amazon is all the same with all eBay’s problems except one nastier one. Amazon competes against its own sellers and try to monopolize any good products that sell. They know what sells from making research on sellers’ sale data and will buy out all good selling products from suppliers and store them in Amazon warehouses. They would make excuses to freeze out the original sellers and suspend accounts to eliminate competitions. For example, we had unique supplies of DVDs long ago selling at Amazon. Amazon accused our DVDs to be bootleg DVDs and suspended our account. Within couple of months Amazons sells all those DVDs by themselves at much higher prices. The supplier, who had close relationship with us, told us that Amazon bought the whole warehouse from them. Back to content.

IT Firms Scam

Many IT Firms charge $7000--$50000 fee for software engineering/web development to get your ecommerce website, but they will build it on problematic infrastructure in a mail-piecing style. Uneducated clueless greedy owners run most IT Firms. Firm owners are not software engineers, but fishermen; they hassle around to get projects. Only when legal contracts and money are secured, these companies desperately hunt for software engineers to work for them on short terms. All IT Firm owners I knew were crooks. Because of their crooked business practices and lies to customers and their own employees, IT Firms usually do not have permanent quality software engineers in house. Poorly skilled employees use dead-end languages, or frameworks to get the projects done as fast as possible without any regards to Application Development Life Cycle rules. In addition, the software solutions they build are on disorganized, inconsiderate rental infrastructures. Yet only about 20% of the project cost goes to developers—the rest of expenses are gifts to unnecessary executives. AAWISDOM’s vision and goal is to give affordable complete ecommerce solution to everyone; TFC servers to fight back scamming Cloud Computing companies; free the internet from domineering corporations like eBay, Amazon, facebook, and others still attempting to control sellers and free trade. All they have are some websites that are nothing special and are not worth billions of dollars. Back to content.

Detail Problems with Share Hosting

The greatest problem in shared hosting is response time for various IT issues to address. Even the financially comfortable large corporations suffer wasteful cost with shared hosting a great deal. For example, the need to complete new goals in software applications, even if large companies were paying competent contractors like us to achieve their goals, they always faced setbacks from incompetent/irresponsive shared-hosting call takers in order make changes. For example, an issue immaterial as installing new TLS certs can take about one week on share hosts.

Beside the costs with time drags, third-party hosts are deceptively expensive. Share hosting run from $25--$45/ month. Rounding to $30/month, the cost is $360/ year. Adding all the hidden costs with share hosts, the total could be as much as $5000 minimal/year that offer cheapest services. The brand names, such as Amazon Cloud Computing, RackSpace, MS Azure, and etc. will cost much more. Share hosting gives no Transport Layer Security (TLS). Minimum of 4 TLS certificates are needed (production, email server, development/testing, and backup server). We are looking for spend about $1200 in 3 years just for TLS certs. Many share-hosting servers are very difficult to configure for TLS; some have no possibility at all to deploy TLS at server level, but at domain levels; and still many other great obstacles exist in making TLS certs work.

Share hosts have preconfigured server settings that will not be changed no matter what. For example, the need to program in Ruby, Python, or some Frameworks that used portions of other languages, there is absolutely no possibilities to request the server admin to change anything. PHP configurations (like php.ini) files will never be changed and restricted rigidly; PHP, MySQL/MariaDB, and Apache versions are always behind and very poorly and insecurely configured.

Share host servers advertise their systems claiming robust securities, but this is lie. Share hosts are constantly hacked and regular data-breach occurrences are always kept secrets. No share host server are capable of preventing even most basic attacks, such as DoS, DDoS, sniffing, injection attacks, and other more advanced attacks. The developers have to address them in their codes or server settings, but changing server settings or installing additional Apache extensions/mods, and access to Apache “conf” directories are all restricted. Their security advertising is fake to scare people from running their own servers. Back to content.

Email Marketing and CMS Problems in All Known Hosting Products

Selling online require email marketing, and content management system (to manage customer signup, interact and communicate with customers). For email marketing, share hosts give usually around useless 250 max capability to email per day. Without email marketing capability, ecommerce business is useless. Much expensive development works require to work around this. Supposed customer sign up in database is at minimal 2000 email addresses. For all customers to receive emails will take about seven days with work around methods. To use third party mailing service like MailChimp or SaleForce will cost you additional expensive 3rd party service fees and development costs to write PHP codes to do those content management systems (CMS). The estimate to achieve email marketing solution in share hosting (or all other rented hosts) platform is about $2000 minimum with just the software engineering, ignoring the additional monthly subscription fees (about $30--$100) and costs for mailing ($15 for every 1000 emails). Back to content.

IT Infrastructure Limitation in Rented Hosts

All share-host services claim that bandwidth is unlimited, but this is a lie. Once your ecommerce business is popular and having a lot of traffics or facing DoS and DDoS attacks, you will know your website is experiencing much downtimes because bandwidth is full. To pay for additional bandwidth becomes very expensive, about 100GB for $150/mo. Share-hosting companies’ claim about giving unlimited disc space is also a lie. Additional needs to purchase disc space about 100GB for $50/mo will come, and expensive costs for insufficient hardware resources, such as needing more RAM and CPU power are also inevitable. Only then, they would suggest moving your account to virtual private server or dedicated server, implying you to spend all the IT engineering costs all over again and pay server subscription fee about 5 times to 10 times higher. Virtual Private Servers costs run from $150--$700/mo depending on companies; and Dedicated Servers monthly subscription only run from $200--$1000. Cheap promotional rates act as fishing baits to tie down the software/website to empty out the bank account later. Back to content.

Software Solution Problems in Known Products

All known ecommerce solution products will require business owners to hire an in-house software engineer. This will cause major delays, hardships in finding the worker, and spending--$12,000 for short time like three months. The following paragraphs summarize specific serious problems with some popular ecommerce solutions.

Zencart offers free codes to deploy and sell support service for codes (the software package). They offer no support in infrastructure setup or advice to deploy their codes. Many issues can pop up in IT security like TLS requirement, admin access to server, disc space limit, marketing limits, bandwidth limits, etc. They train poorly skilled jokers from the streets to support this kind of system to waste your times and money. When you really need them, they will be going round and round on phones blaming each other.

Magento sells the codes they stole from open source and practices everything just as above paragraph. Magento developers shamelessly took free open source oscommerce codes, made a few changes, and then claimed it to be theirs and put a copy right to it. Their products have all the same problems, but in addition, you spend money right from the beginning at buying the codes.

Bigcommerce offers IT infrastructure and already deployed codes and web store. Superficially seems complete ecommerce solution, but their weaknesses and flaws are worse. Bigcommerce platform is very difficult to work with, such as changing the look of the store, bandwidth speed to work in admin tasks in content management, and bad Search Engine Optimization (SEO) management capabilities causes no one able to find your store. Its poor domain management tools will cause your domain stuck with them if you want to transfer later; it has poor marketing tools (no email marketing, no database access, and no backend access to anything) and its monthly subscription fee is very expensive for even non-busy store. The costs will explode if sales and traffics pick up by miracle. Unprofessional limited database storage, bandwidth, scalability, and ease to update software components will require thousands of more dollars. Their business model is a quick scheme to steal eBay sellers by making stores outside eBay stores. They built useless API bridges to transfer eBay and Amazon listings to their stores that will not sell anything. In short, Bigcommerce is just another incompetent quick scheme business to con ignorant sellers. Back to content.

Cloud Computing Scam

So-called “Cloud Computing” is “the practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer.” The monthly cost alone for cloud computing service can run 3 times to 15 times the full cost of the physical server. Why do people rent cloud-computing services if the physical machines they can pay for the services are much cheaper? No expertise and skills to setup their own servers! Many people use the words “cloud computing” but only a few really understand the meaning. The terms “cloud computing” really derived from share hosting, virtual private server, or dedicated rented server from the past. All those ambiguous terms are now combined into more ambiguous terms called “cloud computing”. Why is there a big money in this business? Many businesses need quick inexpensive solution to build their website, mobile apps, or web-based software solution and quickly became victims of “cloud computing”. Only a few people in the world know how to set up IT infrastructures with various servers to professional standards to build their software ideas. A few people in the world know how to build but many will not be offering regular commercial professional service like anyway. Thus, many corporations and small/large businesses had to go with Cloud Computing. You are building your website or software application on someone else’s servers. The costs seem reasonable and affordable in the beginning, but they explode when your application run professionally with many traffics and other real professional services are needed. Only then, you would realize that your application is stuck at someone else’s servers and costs to move it all and build it on your own server will be many troubles again. Yet corporations and businesses put up with the monstrous costs because of the fear or lack of understanding about security, backup, maintenance, and scalability issues. These Cloud Services are constantly being hacked but the service provider companies keep the breach activities secrets. The costs charged from Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, and other clouding computing service sellers are extremely high.’s TFC Servers will rescue many corporations and businesses from being slaves to cloud computing scams, take away all your fears and make you a proud owner of your own server and software applications. Back to content.

Appendix A:

TFC Server Infrastructure Design Draft

Total Freedom Computing (TFC) engineering services, counter service to Cloud Computing, 
		  for ecommerce websites or custom web-based software applications. TFC Server Infrastructure Design Draft.

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