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Science and Engineering Services at AAW are

Complete Computer Services, IT Engineering Services, Software Engineering/ Software Development Services, Web Development Services, IT Support Services, IT Audit Services,

and other intellectual scholar works.

Software Engineer, IT Engineer, Programmer, System Administrator, Network Admin, Web Developer, Database Administrator, or IT Support Technician roles,

whatever is required, complete computer services available. AAWISDOM is the website to find complete knowledge and solutions for all your needs in the field of Information Technology.


Academic Services consist of

mathematics tutoring


geometry tutor, pre-calculus tutor, trigonometry tutor, algebra tutor, AP-calculus tutor, statistics tutor


exam preparations


regent exams tutor, SAT tutor, placement tests tutor


physics tutoring, chemistry study, teaching all K-12 subjects


high-school tutor


college-level tutoring, academic mentorship, remote tutoring


skype tutor


learning IT, computer science, computer programming school, various engineering majors,


high-level discipline sciences

for students of various ages. Please click on the link to see detail description of these summarized key words.


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Contact: Christopher McGrath
Phone: 716 240 7786.