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Christopher McGrath (also known as

aawiz tutor

) is available for retain to

tutor math, sciences, all high school

subjects (

k-12 tutor

), and

teaching indispensable college courses.

Tutoring/ Academic Services support is in two ways: in person, or via long distance/remote (

skype tutor

Most students-tutor study/learning activities are one-on-one.

Master of Science, Computer Science, May 2004
SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica, NY
GPA. 3.1, Dean's List

Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics, May 2002
SUNY Polytechnic Institute, Utica, NY
GPA. 3.50, President's List and Dean's List

Academic Distinctions and Professional Achievements:
PATHWAY National Science Foundation Scholarship winner among one of the four scholars (of 2002-2003 academic years) at SUNY Polytech;
Elite professional scholar in NYS Research Foundation (2000-2006) for various research projects and software developments;
Certified professional tutor since the college days and a life-long scholar.

K-12 Tutor/ High school category:

Geometry Tutor, Precalculus Tutor, Trigonometry Tutor, Algebra Tutor, AP-Calculus Tutor, Statistics Tutor, Regent Exams Tutor, SAT Tutor, Placement Tests Tutor

(for college entry),

Physics Tutor

, and

Chemistry Tutor.

AAW Tutor has all the standard curriculum outlines for all grade levels. Please contact and ask for unlisted courses.

All courses in k-12 and below grades are included within AAW tutoring service capabilities.

College Tutor/ University level category:

Precalculus Tutor, Trigonometry Tutor, Algebra Tutor, Calculus I Tutor, Calculus II Tutor, Statistics Tutor, Physics Tutor, Electromagnetism Tutor, GRE Exams Tutor,


Chemistry Tutor.

Academic Services without Tutoring:

Retain AAW Tutor for

Academic Services without formal Tutoring.

AAW tutor helps complete your school assignments. Students who are taking higher level courses in

mathematics, physics, science, computer science, information technology, engineering, statistics,


medical majors

often are short of time for school works. Many college students need help completing their assignments, but not continuous subscribed tutoring. Aawiz tutor will do the work for you. There is no need to meet online or in person for formal tutoring. AAW understands the responsibility to master the school course is the student's business and not of AAW's business. Some high level courses require deeper thinking and time to solve challenging problems; some academic works require tedious labors of mechanical works although assignments are intellectually not challenging. Tutoring is not economically sound for situations such as these for some students.

Aawiz tutor loves to do challenging academic works for you.

Example services for Academic Services without Tutoring are

Aawiz do Precalculus for you, AAwiz do Calculus II for you, Aawiz do Calculus III for you, Aawiz do Statistics for you, Aawiz do Differential Equations for you, Aawiz do Physics for you, Aawiz do College Papers for you, Aawiz do Psychology Research Papers for you, Aawiz do college Research Reports for you, Aawiz do Electromagnetism for you, Aawiz do Chemistry for you, Aawiz do Applied Probability (statistics) for you, Aawiz do Mathematical Modeling for you, Aawiz do Complex Variables for you,


Aawiz do Discrete Mathematics for you.

AAW tutor also accepts assignments in computer and IT field. Example services for Academic Services without Tutoring in computer and IT field are

Aawiz do Programming Assignments in C, C++, Java, C#, VB, HTML 5, CSS, JavaScript, PERL, XML, MATLAB, SQL, PHP,


Visual Studio.

Please contact and ask for other courses relating to mathematics or IT topics not described here. Aawiz can program in many other languages, can use any operating system, and can do many high-level mathematics and college works.

4-8 Grade Tutor (AAW Tutor for non-K12 Grades)/
Teach Children or Young Students:

I can work with children. I haven't lost in touch with life from studying and thinking high level intellects. Solving complex ideas help me understand people very well. I discovered children's special learning abilities and love to teach them. In person, I have experience working with broad range of ages and grade levels as young as kindergarten. As a remote

Skype Tutor,

I worked with students even as young as fourth grade (9 years old). I have at least 17 years of tutoring and teaching experiences in academics, and private organization settings.

Aawiz tutor makes failing children become average, average children become enlightened good students, and genius children find their true potentials to skyrocket in their minds, bodies, and souls.

Some children are such good people that they can handle remote

skype tutoring

very maturely and responsibly.

My young students always rise beyond the suppressive evil-crooked-corrupt system

that wastes their times (and lives) and keep them down. I remember all my students and am very proud of a few amazing geniuses and very pleased with what I have done for them in their lives.

Aawiz trains geniuses or makes geniuses.

Call and ask me, "Chris, what is your secret in being able to teach children so well?" I will tell you the secret of life...

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I live by two simple rules:

Hourly rate: $20--$30/hr. Special per assignment, per day, and long term rates available.

Tutoring and Academic Services

Contact: Christopher McGrath, Phone: 716 240 7786, Email: or