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MTB, vol. 3 "Letwhayte System Secrets" 

  Chapter 0.

Martial-Arts Philosophies

0. Martial-Arts Philosophies

Martial arts are the measuring tool for the character and values. Is being a martial artist a genetically determined or acquired trait? The answer is acquired trait. All human beings are born with potential to choose good and right. This ability of the Creator can be and will be crushed by the surroundings, such as mother, father, relatives, siblings, friends, cultures, nationality, and even by a language a person will have to speak. All the crushing elements can be summarized into lies and insults of the surroundings. True warriors are the ones who ascend above all those crushing elements sometime in their lives. Those crushing elements crush the Creator’s intention at the ages as young as two years old to the babies even by their own mothers.

By studying my own life, other dead warriors worldwide, Words of God, wars of the world, and Life and Death, I have come to know the codes of Life itself. Codes of Life are very 'simple':

1. Always Speak the truth (don’t lie)
2. Be respectful (don’t insult).

Those two above are summary and foundation of God’s laws that define LOVE. These are the codes of the successful ancient warriors and what defines HONOR. Anything in violation of those two codes will lead to wars, death, and evils. Those two codes are the only idea worth living, dying, and fighting for.

Humans are born sinners. Humans can’t walk, talk, listen, think, eat, or do anything right without learning. If we want to live, we have to keep learning. The only right way to deal with sins (mistakes) is to keep improving ourselves (change), and confess (apologize) when we sin (or make mistakes).

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Inspiration 0.1

Transform Time
My present version is better than my younger version. I might have needed lesser time to warm up and prepare myself to rise to optimum state, but I was weaker, less knowledgeable, and lower in internal strength (Life Force) capacity. My present healing speed at the age 43 is faster than age 13--38. My body hardness in bone structures, muscles and tendons, skin toughness, nervous system, and respiratory system are all better. My digestive system (metabolism) and circulatory system may have declined a bit because of lapse times in training. The “warm-up time” (the transform time) has direct correlation to digestive system (metabolism) and circulatory system. They can change drastically within two weeks. I achieved the time to transform to optimum state from 30--40 minutes long to just two minutes during an experimenting period in my life. I had to be in full-time training mode though, which is not possible unless I take a break from everything else in my life. Even in my younger version, there were serious regressive times that I was no different (or lower) than most non-martial-artist people were. I had to rebuild myself from ground up many times in my life. I know I still have the ability to transform within two--five minutes.

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