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Myanmar Traditional Boxing,

vol. 3

"Letwhayte System Secrets"

by Christopher McGrath
AAWKnight Foundation

letwhayte (MTB) Myanmar Traditional Boxing book

AAWKnight Foundation's First Project

: Letwhayte System Secrets book(s) and resources will be published here online.

Martial arts illuminate to enhance truths and train the mind, body, and soul of human beings. Letwhayte is the way to go in hand-to-hand stand-up system. Real concise modern-scholarly-standard written documentation is needed for letwhayte. This product will not be letwhayte system exclusive, but infused with internal strength usages and formal methodology from undocumented tactics, principles, and techniques. It will simplify and clarify chaos and all the confusions. This product should unite truthful spirited martial artists. Note this project is in fundraising stage.

A martial arts system of future AAWKnights, the book(s) of letwhayte and all other secretive resources. Contents can be read online here and will be downloadable PDF/video files when publications start.
"Letwhayte System Secrets" project fundraiser proposal PDF - click to view/download Letwhayte System Secrets fundraiser PDF.

0. Martial-Arts Philosophies

Martial arts are the measuring tool for the character and values. Is being a martial artist a genetically determined or acquired trait? The answer is acquired trait. All human beings are born with potential to choose good and right. This ability of the Creator can be and will be crushed by the surroundings, such as mother, father, relatives, siblings, friends, cultures, nationality, and even by a language a person will have to speak. All the crushing elements can be summarized into lies and insults of the surroundings.

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